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Can I Build

Head to our Can I Build tool and see if adding ADU to your property is conducive.

ECOMOD ariel view

1. Virtual Consultation

Initiate your modular home project by scheduling a virtual consultation with our seasoned team. This session is designed to discuss your plans and assess your property, ensuring a tailored approach to your ADU. Additionally, we will explore various customization options to enhance your modular unit according to your preferences.

2. Site Evaluation

Following our initial consultation, our professionals will conduct a comprehensive site visit. The objective is to ascertain that the intended ADU placement adheres to all spatial and regulatory parameters, ensuring a seamless installation process.

3. Market Analysis

 ECOMOD Ventures provides an in-depth review of current market conditions, offering insights into potential rental rates and defining criteria for resident selection. This analysis assists in maximizing your investment’s return.

4. Final Quotation and Financing Approval

Upon completing all preparatory evaluations and selections, we will present you with a final quotation for your project. Assistance in securing financing approval will also be provided, ensuring financial readiness for the upcoming stages.

5.Contractual Agreement

With financial considerations settled, the next step involves formalizing our engagement through the signing of contracts. This legal agreement outlines the scope, timelines, and commitments of both parties.

6. Site Planning and Permit Acquisition

Our team will proceed with the detailed site planning required for your ADU. Concurrently, we will navigate the permitting process, ensuring compliance with all local regulations and standards.

7. Infrastructure and Foundation Setup

Preparatory work on the site begins with the installation of necessary infrastructure and laying the foundation. These critical steps lay the groundwork for a stable and compliant ADU installation.

8. ADU Delivery and Installation

With the site fully prepared, the next phase sees the delivery and installation of your BOXABL ADU. Our team ensures a smooth and efficient setup, adhering to the highest standards of quality and safety.

9. Furnishing and Final Touches

The final step in the process is to furnish your new ADU, transforming it into a ready-to-enjoy living space. Whether it's a guest house, home office, or rental unit, we help bring your vision to life.

10. Enjoy Your New Modular Space

With every detail attended to, it's time to enjoy the convenience, comfort, and efficiency of your new modular dwelling. Welcome to modern living with ECOMOD Ventures.

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