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BOXABL for industry

In industries where workforce mobility and location flexibility are key, such as the oil and movie industries, BOXABL offers innovative housing solutions designed to meet the unique demands of employees and crews on the move. BOXABL's modular units provide adaptable, cost-effective options for workforce housing, employee housing, short-term housing, industry housing, and crew housing.

Movie Industry

We offer a versatile and practical solution for the movie industry’s unique housing needs, providing both rental and purchase options for BOXABL Casitas. These modular units are ideal for crew housing and short-term employee accommodations on various film production sites. Easily transportable and quick to deploy, BOXABL Casitas ensure that film crews have immediate access to comfortable and customizable living spaces, no matter the location. Whether a production company needs to lease a fleet of casitas for the duration of a shoot or purchase units for recurring use across multiple projects, BOXABL provides an efficient, cost-effective, and sustainable housing solution, enabling seamless logistic operations and enhanced crew satisfaction.

Oil Industry

The oil industry often operates in remote locations, requiring robust housing solutions that can be quickly deployed and are capable of withstanding harsh environments. BOXABL Casitas are engineered to meet these needs, offering durable, comfortable, and easily transportable living spaces. Their modular design allows for rapid setup and breakdown, which is ideal for the transient nature of oil field work, ensuring that workforce housing is never a bottleneck in the operational efficiency of oil extraction and processing activities.

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Benefits of Boxabl Housing in Industrial Settings

1. Quick Deployment

BOXABL’s prefabricated homes can be set up in a matter of hours, providing immediate relief to housing demands in any industry setting. This rapid deployment capability is particularly beneficial in industries where project timelines and locations are dynamic and subject to change.

2. Customizable and Scalable

Whether it’s accommodating a small crew or a large workforce, BOXABL units can be linked or stacked to create larger complexes or small, individual homes. Their interior layouts and amenities can be tailored to meet the specific needs of workers, ensuring a balance between privacy and community spaces.

3. Cost-Effective

With a standardized production process and less need for on-site construction, BOXABL offers a cost-effective solution for industrial housing needs. The reduced construction waste and minimized labor costs contribute to overall affordability, which is especially advantageous for industries monitoring budget constraints.

4. Sustainable Option

BOXABL homes are built with energy efficiency in mind, featuring insulation and materials that reduce energy consumption. This sustainability aspect is critical for industries aiming to reduce their environmental footprint, particularly in remote or ecologically sensitive areas.





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