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Our Services

Unfolding BOXABL

ECOMOD Ventures, New Mexico's premier dealership, we excel in offering comprehensive services from securing necessary permits and custom design planning to the swift installation of your BOXABL unit, all while ensuring unparalleled customer service, quality, and safety. With a wide range of exterior finish options to match any aesthetic, our dedication to craftsmanship and excellence guarantees not just satisfaction but spaces that are both inspiring and enduring.

What We

Authorized BOXABL Dealership

As New Mexico's premier dealership, ECOMOD Ventures takes pride in delivering unparalleled customer service and an extensive selection of choices tailored to meet your unique tastes and needs.

Site Preparation & Utilities

ECOMOD Ventures handles everything needed for you to get your BOXABL unit. Whether its a foundation, slab or RV set up KAS Construction is the one that gets the job done.

Façade & Exterior finishes

ECOMOD Ventures  provides a diverse selection of exterior finish options, enabling homeowners to select a style that perfectly aligns with their tastes and the local landscape. From contemporary and sleek designs to classic and rustic aesthetics, ECOMOD Ventures ensures your preferences are beautifully catered to.

Permitting & Design Consultation

ECOMOD Ventures meticulously conducts research and handles all preparations required to secure the necessary permits and approvals. Furthermore, we offer comprehensive support in designing and planning your project, transforming your vision into reality!

Certified BOXABL Installers

Our team of experts is committed to the swift and efficient installation of your BOXABL Casita, upholding the highest standards of quality and safety throughout the process.

Continued Quality Assurance and Warranty

At ECOMOD Ventures, we view your home or business as a valuable investment and commit to delivering unparalleled quality assurance and warranty support, always aiming to exceed your expectations. Our pride in our craftsmanship and dedication to excellence means choosing us as your partner guarantees spaces that are not only inspiring but enduring.

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